iDream: Dream Dictionary

The Ulitmate Dream Dictionary & Journal.

Thousands of Dream Meanings

Advanced Searching

Phone & Tablet Support

Easy to Use Journal

Password Protection on Journal

Favourite & History Log

Soothing Sounds

Advanced Sounds Scape Generator

Fully Customisable Sounds

Alarm Clock

Phone & Tablet Support

Sleep Timer

Contains Relaxing Music

No Basic Mp3 Looping

Lullaby Baby

Relazing sounds to help your baby sleep

Familar Sounds & Lullabies

Customisable to your baby

Phone & Tablet Support

Helps Develop Healthy Sleep Habits


Create your own sounds scapes

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

Help's With S.A.D.

Relaxing Music to Aid Sleep

Beep Alarm & Snooze

Customisable timers for light & music alarms

Use your own playlist to wake or sleep with.

Works on iPhone 4 & 5

Sounds Annoying

Ulitmate Soundboard & Samples App

350+ Sounds Incluced

Play up to 30+ sounds simultaneously

Phone & Tablet Support

Pitch & Filter Controls

Record your own sound effects

Customisable Playlists

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